Governor DeSantis Praised For Florida’s Approach To Covid-19

Republican Governor DeSantis has had his fair share of criticism for his COVID-19 approach in Florida. Other state governors were quick to put preventive measures  to stop the spread of the virus. DeSantis decided to go with a more relaxed route.

Schools and restaurants, along with other Florida establishments, have reopened for business. The Florida Governor has been open about his disapproval of the mask mandate, despite health regulations.

During a Tuesday news conference, DeSantis praised his state compared to others struggling to re-open while keeping the infection rates low. “If you look at what’s happening in South Florida right now. The place is booming. It wouldn’t be booming if it was shut down. Los Angeles isn’t booming, New York isn’t booming. It’s booming here because you can live like a human being.”

Governor DeSantis conveyed a public health round table on Thursday  with a team of experts. They all support his criticized approach on dealing with COVID-19. One of the experts was Radiologist Scott Atlas. He is infamous for being  a part of the Covid-19  Taskforce that advised Trump’s presidency.

He said, “The lockdowns were harmful, they were the opposite of what should have been done, we said it from the beginning. There is a massive price to pay, it’s not just that they failed to stop the infections. The lockdowns actually killed people, destroyed lives and families.” There have been more than 32,000 people who have died as a result of the pandemic in Florida.

While in Panama City, DeSantis advised Florida’s people to get vaccines only if they want to. “Folks should get vaccinated if they want to. Under no circumstances will the state be asking you to show proof of vaccination.” He added that Florida would reject the proposed Vaccine Passport  where Floridians would need negative results to get into some spaces. The governor added there would be no lockdowns or mandates in Florida. So that people can earn a living and send their children to school.

In a Fox News interview, the 42-year-old Governor pointed out Florida’s state a year into the pandemic. According to him, Florida is prospering with an open economy and an unemployment rate of 4.8%. “The lockdown approach where people are constantly beat over the head with these directions. Where you have massive unemployment, where you have closed school for over a year in some of these places. Not only has it been absolutely destructive to those societies, but COVID results per capita has been worse in places like New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. So these are some of the top experts in the world being able to validate that Florida’s approach was the proper approach and the lockdown approach was the failed approach.”

Some of Governor Ron’s critics have come out to praise his approach. Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, said in an interview. “I need to commend him in a sense because it did take some decisions that were courageous, and the fact of the matter is our economy is relatively open and booming.” At the moment, Florida has prioritized vaccinating the older population of society.

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