The 7 Best Attractions to Visit in Orlando Florida

Aptly known as “The City Beautiful”, Orlando, Florida has a lot to offer its visitors. It is the Theme Park capital of the world, however, it is much more than that. 

One of the world’s most visited tourist regions, Orlando draws tens of millions of visitors every year. While much of it is due to its incredible Themed parks, the city has something for everybody. Here are the 7 best tourist attraction in Orlando, Florida that should be on everyone’s bucket list for places to visit:

1. Disney World

Attracting 50 million annual visitors, Walt Disney World isn’t just the most-visited Orlando attraction—it’s the most-visited vacation resort in the world. 

The destination offers visitors four unique themed parks. 

The Magic Kingdom features classic attractions, enchanting fireworks, musical parades, and Family-friendly thrills. A heaven for children, the magical place makes adults feel like kids again. The place brings fairytales to life. 

EPCOT theme park sprawls across 300 acres—twice the size of Magic Kingdom Park—and is divided into Future World and World Showcase. So, Travel around the world, visit different countries with amazing food & entertainment here. 

Animal Kingdom gives visitors close encounters with exotic animals. One of the largest animal theme parks in the world is home to more than 2,000 animals across 300 unique species. Visitors can explore 7 enthralling lands at the park: Oasis, Discovery Island, Pandora – The World of Avatar, Africa, Rafiki’s Planet Watch, Asia and DinoLand, U.S.A.

Lastly, Hollywood Studios theme park captures the magic of movies while providing an immersive dining experience. 

In addition to the four themed parks, Walt Disney World also has two water parks and Disney Springs. 

2. Islands of Adventure 

Orlando, Florida welcomes visitors to a place where superheroes, beasts, and magical creatures stand before the tourists. 

Located within Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure takes theme parks to a whole other level. 

Here, everything is real: a secret school of witchcraft and wizardry, a famous web-slinger, the hungry dinosaurs, and the most colossal ape ever to walk the earth. 

A bunch of rides including Hagrid’s motorbike, Hulk coaster, three water rides, and several other attractions makes it one of the must-see places in the city. 

Adventurers, explorers, and thrill-seekers will be blown away by the unbelievable experiences that await at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. 

3. Gatorland

Gatorland began as a roadside attraction in 1949 but has now turned into a 110-acre theme park and wildlife preserve. 

Located along the South Orange Blossom Trail south of Orlando, Gatorland is home to thousands of alligators. However, it is much more than that. The park has an aviary, an incredible breeding marsh and bird rookery, a petting zoo, nature walk, an award-winning gift shop, and one-of-a-kind reptilian shows.

Most notable shows include The Gator Wrestlin’ Show, Gator Jumparoo, and the Up-close Encounters Show. The Gatorland Express offers a fun offroad tour while its Gator Zip Line is voted the Top Zip Line in the U.S. by AOL Travel. 

4. Sea World 

Not your average theme park, SeaWorld offers up-close animal experiences, roller coasters, and, most importantly, a chance to be a part of SeaWorld’s mission to protect and rehabilitate ocean life. 

SeaWorld also has an interactive aquarium where visitors can watch baby dolphins play and see every ocean animal from Beluga whales to sea lions. 

The park is home to the largest underwater shark tunnel in the world. It also gives visitors the chance to swim with dolphins in Discovery Cove and beat the heat at Aquatica. 

Orlando isn’t just about Theme parks, it offers a wide array of activities for history and Science fans. 

5. Orlando Museum of Art

A wide array of both ancient and contemporary art attracts visitors to the Orlando Museum of Art. The museum displays Textiles and pottery from Africa, beautiful American paintings and sculptures, impeccable modern graphics, and mixed media pieces. 

‘First Thursdays’ – an exhibition where artists display new works is held during the first week of each month. The atmosphere is further accentuated with music and food. Regular events such as Yoga in the Museum and Art Night Out offer activities on top of the amazing paintings. 

The building is located in the 45-acre Loch Haven Park – the region’s premier cultural park.

6. Orlando Science Center

Orlando Science Center features exhibits, live programming, theaters, and 3D films. 

It inspires curiosity and exploration and encourages learning in a fun way.

The science center is a little bit of everything and lets tourists explore the various exhibits. Visitors, especially kids, can learn different art techniques in the art gallery and make tiny models in the maker lab. 

A perfect place for kids throughout the year, the Science Center also offers a 21+ event, Science Night Live, five times per year. Each event features different guest speakers, presentations, movies, and hands-on activities specifically tailored to an adult audience.

Combining fun and knowledge under one roof, it’s a must for every “Tourist Attractions in Orlando” list. 

7. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

It is the place to be for science and history lovers. Visitors can go behind NASA’s gates to witness the size and scale of the Saturn V moon rocket and feel the emotion of the Apollo era with a captivating collection of experiences and artifacts. 

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex also offers visitors the chance to get up close to space shuttle Atlantis, travel to the Red Planet, or see a rocket launch. 

The Heroes and Legends exhibit lets visitors learn about the men and women who’ve lived and worked among the stars. 

Other attractions include the unique Moon Tree Garden and the launchpads across Banana Creek. If all of that is not enough, the guests can just go and see an actual rocket launch. 

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