Booming Construction In Cape Coral Disrupts Existing Well Systems

New construction in Cape Coral, Florida, has caused a few problems for the residents. The water shortage locals are experiencing is because of the new wells they are digging near their old well system. Some residents have complained of dirty brown water coming from their showers and taps. The repairs and replacements for their destroyed pumps cost locals thousands.

Amy Smith, a Cape Coral resident, believes she should not have to bear the high cost alone.  In an interview with ABC-7, she told reporters. “I feel like it’s the builder’s responsibility to take care of the damage that they are doing to other people’s pumps.”

David Cannestra, the owner of Crystal Clear Water Purification Inc., had a few insights to share with those affected. He admitted the constructors caused the disturbance in the water supply. “The wells that are being drilled for the new construction kind of collapse the current well for the current customer.” He added about the construction company’s responsibility in the matter. “They’re doing their job. Are they creating a problem for someone else? Sure.”

Most Cape Coral residents have spoken out on not being able to access clean water despite having their tanks. Jose Torres, a NorthWest cap resident, says the new neighbor’s pump was placed directly next to his water pump without even a notice. “Everything was fine. The water was good. They start building the well near ours, and it’s issues.” 

His neighbor Isis Ortiz had a similar problem, but her family’s water pump ended up burning up. She felt the construction companies should have given them a warning before beginning.  “At least let the people know what you’re doing so we can be aware and be better prepared, instead of just waking up to dirty water or no water at all.”

Cannestra justified their claims adding, “As you’re drilling deeper, the shallower wells don’t get as much water. It can burn up their pump. It can burn up their well.” This is not the first time the area has experienced water issues. In 2020, Cape Coral residents spent thousands on pump repairs when the wells began to run dry. Speaking to Fox4now, Ricard Lewis said, “I mean, you’re looking at basically seven thousand dollars.” By the time he had noticed his water’s low-pressure levels, it was too late.

Experts recommend the only thing residents can do is take precautions. Since construction has to continue, it’s up to the locals to find out when building happens near them and shut off their pumps. To prevent them from burning up.

All this is happening after the local government wrote a consumer alert post on its Facebook account.  It highlighted a water purification company, Florida Water Analysis, that offers services to its residents. According to a statement sent to WINX news, it read, “The city’s water meets or exceeds all state and federal safe drinking water standards. Attempting to convince our residents that they need expensive equipment from this company is deceptive.”

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